Listed in pyzor error on

I’ve recently updated my MiB setup to the neweset version, and after sending test-blank e-mail to I received a warning message:
-1.985 PYZOR_CHECK Listed in Pyzor (

I checked my host on and it’s not listed on any of the spamlists. Is there any way to “fix” a PYZOR_CHECK error? I found a pyzor whitelist form request ( but it requires a pyzor digest of mail, which I wasn’t able to achieve yet (pyzor digest < mail-message seems not to work).

Yes, just send a unique message to (yes, this is ridiculous on their part)

I don’t find mail-tester to be very useful for anything other than an “up” check… If you’re running Mail-in-a-Box and it’s controlling your DNS, then you’re going to get a perfect score.

(assuming you ensured your IP isn’t on any blacklists as MIAB’s instructions said)

It’s normal to get “LISTED IN PYZOR” flag if you send an empty message.

In fact Pyzor works by comparing hash of messages. So if your email doesn’t have a real body you will be probably reported as spam by the service.

Try to send an email with a real content like a newsletter for exemple. I guess you won’t be listed on Pyzor anymore.

Mail-Tester become really usefull when you want to test real sending : email campaigns for example or to test DNS configuration (if you don’t use something OTB like MIAB).

Tell me if you are still marked as spam by Pyzor with a normal email content. I can be wrong :smile:

You’re right - sending e-mail with content doesn’t raise “listed in pyzor” flag.


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I found this mail tester to be more accurate and detail. There seems to be a ton these days.