Linode miab CPU usage

Hello All,

Firstly thank-you for such an awesome bundle of software. I’ve noticed that my miab server running on a linode 2048 VPS has been having some CPU spikes. It seems to be constantly running at 60% with spikes to 100% lasting for 2+ hours. Its a small install with 3 domains and about 8 users sending very light mail.

“top” shows a few php-fpm: www processes using 10-15% each followed by python - fail2ban. My question is: Is this normal behavior for a miab server on a plan like this or am I getting hammered by bot tcp connections and I should move to a new IP.

Thanks in advance

I know this post is over a year old but just thought I’d put a note here saying that this is not normal at all.

I too use linode 2048 VPS and CPU is always < 10% except for during major events e.g. duplicity full backups etc.