Linode - 18.04 LTS - sticks at Installing packages needed for setup

Linode - 18.04 sticks at

Installing packages needed for setup...

Just does nothing…

Might be a good thing to have the script display stdout, I honestly don’t know if it just takes forever to do anything or what…

Previously on 14.04 and I remember the install being easy enough, now just twiddling thumbs

Tried another server

Linode 18.04 same score

Did you do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade before trying to install?

I am showing 18.04.2 on both my Linodes.

I had no trouble installing on either


Second server, don’t think so, first server yup, reinstalled base image even several times before attempting a second server… just to see.

I spun up a DO server instead - was up and running in no time.

Which is a shame since I would personally like to support Linode, but the only use I have for them at the moment was for mailinabox servers, but don’t have time for that.

Same issue with me on OVH VPS.
Any solution for this?

Have you tried contacting Linode to make sure their DNS and network is working properly? I imagine, if they have their own mirror server they have their images use, it might pose some problems. I would probably check with them to make sure everything is good.

I don’t think Linode is the problem…I have run there for 2 years and never had any issues (other than those caused by my impatience on day 1 when I didn’t wait for DNS changes to propagate from my registrar). Just ssh’d into my machine(s) and checked the control panel of each - all is good.