Limited set-up and configuration question

If I waned to set up mailinabox without some of the ‘extra’ stuff like roundcube, nginx and owncloud, how would I go about doing it? Also, is it possible to disable mailInaBox updates, but still receive normal postfix updates and that?

Hi @kkprince,

Note that this box is meant to be dedicated. Modifications are welcome but unsupported.

If you would like to block certain services, I would personally do that at the firewall as opposed to uninstalling software. Note that nginx is present to serve the control panel. To block all web services (including Z-Push/EWS support), you can execute ‘sudo ufw deny https && sudo ufw deny http’. Note that isn’t a supported modification but it is easily reversed. You will need to rely on either SSH tunneling to the control panel or the commandline management scripts to manage your box with HTTP(S) blocked.

MIAB updates are distinct from the package manager updates. MIAB uses the standard Ubuntu repositories and that is where Postfix, Dovecot, etc come from. You are encouraged to keep these up to date using apt-get/aptitude/etc.

MIAB does not automatically update itself. But each update will ‘reinstall’ the entire stack while leaving your data and settings as they were.

What would be the big issue if I don’t update? If I keep apt-updated would there be any real security flaws?

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