Let's Encrypt v2 Wildcard certificates. MIAB DNS support for acme.sh

I would like to issue wildcard certificates for my other servers with MIAB DNS and Let’s Encrypt v2. For example with acme.sh, but it is missing support for MIAB API and shell scripting is not my cup of tea. Somebody interested & willing, perhaps some alternatives?


I’ve got a good news for you.
I’m currently working on a script using MIAB API to create certificates, and I’ve just managed to create my first Le wildcard certificate :grin:

However, I’m really not an expert doing shell script, and the code id quite ugly, but it seems to work.
I had to rewrite the _post function to implement authentification. However, I only did it for curl, as I don’t know how to use wget with MIAB, and I left the original code :flushed:

Now, all I have to do, is to implement the remove function, which I’m hoping would be more easier to do, since it look like it would be more or less the same thing.


Me again, I’ve finished the script.
It’s still poorly written, it’s my first real script btw, but it’s seems to work fine.

If you want to take a look, feel free to look at https://framagit.org/DarvenDissek/acme.sh-MIAB-DNS-API/

Hi DarvenDissek, that’s great news, worked fine! Thank you.

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