Lets Encrypt SRVFAIL


I have a interesting issue with Lets Encrypt. Here’s the following context to better explain the issue.

I have two domain names. A .co.uk and a .computer, they’re both hosted on the same infrastructure, recently the .co.uk TLS Certificate expired, and as such decided to renew using Lets Encrypt. The process went flawless, and while I was at it, I decided to issue a TLS Cert for the .computer domain. However, this is where the issue occurs. I get an SRVFAIL A Record error, and that it could not resolve correctly.

Both sites are behind CloudFlare, and CloudFlare was disabled for this purpose. For simplicity, I decided to move the .computer domain from it’s then current infrastructure, to MiaB and I set the records accordingly. Verifying both with NSLookup, DIG, and Host commands.

However, again provisioning the certificate for the domain name fails, because it is unable to resolve correctly and suggest that it’s an A Record issue.

What gives?

What is the Domain for the .computer address?

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