Lets Encrpyt Configuration

Hi I just freshly installed mib. I saw that no TLS configuration. Then I tried to install Letsencrypt but no success. Can you help me with exact steps for installition of SSL with Letsencrpyt with fresh install of mib?

Go to the web admin panel of your MIAB: box.domain.tld/admin
Under the system menu there is a page for TLS (SSL) Certificates.
Hit the ‘provision’ buttons and the lets encrypt certificates should be automatically obtained.
No need to install lets encrypt separately.

OP, if you installed Let’s Encrypt separately I would seriously consider wiping the VPS and starting over.
Native Let’s Encrypt has different defaults than the customized install for MiaB so it is possible that by installing it, the defaults required for MiaB may be impacted.

I only see install certificate buttons there is no provision buttons on the admin page of TLS.! Is my mib version is old? I used the commands on the installation page of the website…!

But in the default installition there were no certifications installed…

Question is did you separately install letsencrypt rather than use the default MIAB configuration?

If so, @alento is right to suggest a clean install of MIAB

If not, then you should be able to automatically obtain certificates by following instructions on the ‘TLS (SSL) Certificates’ admin page.

Problem is solved. I did new fresh install then I was able to provise the certificates. Thank you.

Great. MIAB works really well for me. I’m sure it will for you.

I created a new topic for my new need can you look at it also please?

Also is this certificates renewed automatically or do I need to do it manually when it expires? How to extend it?

It will automatically renew.

Thanks. MIB works really well!

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