Latest update (52) broke NSD?

Just ran the latest update as usual but half way through it appeared to break saying it couldn’t resolve
I traced it back to the resolve.conf pointing to and NSD refusing to respond locally?
Now the update script definitely sets resolve.conf to (I’ve checked this twice) and NSD is responding externally (if I do an nslookup for my domain and query from outside all is good) but any kind of nslookup on my box is broken.

Also the status checks only shows
|✖|Local DNS (bind9) is not running (port 53).|
|✖|Local DNS Control (bind9/rndc) is not running (port 953).|

Anyone know how I can fix this?
I’ve rerun “sudo mailinabox” and it simply updates the resolv.conf to only have and falls over at the nextcloud section.

I’ve tracked it down to

in the forwarders it had added the line “max-recursion-queries 100;”
This was also added after the listen-on statements.
Removing it from inside the forwarders section and starting bind9 has fixed everything.

No idea how that got screwed up as I’ve never been in that file before.

From the v0.52 Change Log at “Fixed the problem when the control panel would report DNS entries as Not Set by increasing a bind query limit.” It seems that this change might have triggered the problem you encountered.

Yup you’re right. It’s the “sed” on line 335 of setup/

Because the options and forwarders sections of /etc/bind/named.conf.options both close with a } on a newline the “max-recursion-queries 100;” is added to both sections.
As it’s not valid in the forwarders it breaks bind.

Like I said I’ve never been in the options file on this box before so I’m a little surprised I’m the only person with this issue.

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