LAMP Server on the same Droplet

Hello - question from a NOOB… Should I host a web server in the same Droplet as MIAB? (LOVE MIAB by the way!) I would like to configure a web server to one of the domains I have routed to my MIAB. (not my primary one that the box is named)

  1. Should I use a separate droplet?

  2. if so, should I use digitaloceans private networking feature?

  3. Since this isnt the domain that the glue record at gandi have pointed to miab, how do i configure dns so that goes to the web address, but goes to miab?



If I get your question correctly, your solution would be the following:

  1. Create an alias or user for your second domain (i.e.
  2. Upload your website to /home/user-data/www/

Also you have to create at least an A DNS record resolving your Mail-in-a-Box IP address (for your second domain).


Please be aware that Mail-in-a-Box doesn’t come with an MySQL server & PHP isn’t available by default. Also we use Nginx instead of Apache.


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