Keyboard shortcut on Mac for saving 'PasswordAuthentication no' in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Anyone give me guidance on the keyboard commands to save the sshd_config and then exit on a Mac?

Can’t figure it out.

What exactly can’t you figure out? The process depends upon which editor you are using on your VPS (nano, vi, etc.). A terminal is a terminal - whether it is on a *nix machine, a windows machine, or a mac.

Personally, I prefer nano. My recommendation is to read the man page or the help file if you are unsure how to use your choice of editor.

If you’re in Vim, the command to edit (insert) is “i”. Then you go back to normal (non edit) mode by pressing ESC. To save (write) and exit (quit) the file you type :wq. If you made a mistake and just need to exit the file without saving, :q! should do the trick (don’t forget to ESC in case you’re in INSERT mode).

In nano, you can exit with control x (^x). Then choose Y(es) to save the file.

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Thanks, I did nano, and after choosing Yes, I get something I cannot figure out to save. There is another step.

File Name to Write: /etc/ssh/sshd_config
^G Get Help M-D DOS Format M-A Append M-B Backup File
^C Cancel M-M Mac Format M-P Prepend ^T To Files

Press enter

lmao. Thanks, easy peazy now.

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