Junk Mail Settings

Does anybody know how to alter the junk mail settings so you can accept an email as OK? Specifically, there is an email address on my own domain that I host that repeatedly gets put into my junk email box. It is on my own domain and I have sent emails to it without issues, but for some weird reason it keeps wanting to put this particular email address into my SPAM folder. Is there an easy way to alter this behaviour? I can’t remove the address from the server and recreate it for various reasons.

If you mean you want to make sure that one email address sent to one of your email accounts on MiaB always goes to the inbox, you can make a filter rule in Roundcube.

Cool. Thanks for the tip. That is probably the easiest way to deal with it.

Do you have any ideas as to why an email sent from my on user on my server on the same domain as my receiving email inbox would regularly arrive in my SPAM folder? It’s just a weird thing.


You would have to post the email headers.

Thanks for the reminder to look at the headers.

I have messages that have arrived in my inbox and the junk folder from the same address. So, I was able to make a comparison. The good email had a score of 3.8, the bad one had a score of 7.9.

It appears it doesn’t like .life domains, but that wasn’t the thing that was different.

The email that ended up in the junk folder had a Pyzor check noted saying it was listed in Pyzor and a Bulk Signature with no Unsubscribe. These 2 added a combined 4.3 to the X-Spam report.

There was no real difference between the emails except that on these 2 there were links to external sites. Not sure if that was enough on their own to create the SPAM issue. Never heard of Pyzor…off to investigate that one a little further.