It's there a guide to integrate with SendGrid?

Hey yall,

I’m using Digital Ocean and my emails get blocked because my IP is listed in one blocklist.

I did several searches and I can’t find a guide of how to integrate SendGrid with MIAB.

Thank you.

Did you ever consider just moving your box to another VPS provider or snapshotting and restoring your machine to get another IP?

My understanding is all Digital Ocean IP’s blocked, and other providers like Linode too, etc.

If I can get it to work with SendGrid, it is a more long-term solution.

Depends on what you mean by blocked. If you are in a blocklist you are able to contact them and request removal. They may require information that confirms its a new host on that IP and will want to see an invoice etc.

If you mean hotmail etc (all things microsoft) there is a process to address this and its covered on this forum

To my knowledge, no guide currently exists to explain how to get MIAB to use SendGrid for mail delivery. However, it looks like it can be done as there are articles for other software that seem to do the same thing. For example:

Any change you make to these configuration files will be overwritten when MIAB is updated so you would need to re-apply the smarthost after each upgrade. You could make a script that runs the MIAB upgrade and follows that by automatically applying your changes again but you would need to fully understand what you’re doing because you’d be the only one able to support it if something goes wrong in the future.

Also, don’t be put off by unhelpful forum commentors. The fact you have a question and want to do something likely means there are many other people feeling the same way so keep on trying and, if possible, share what you come up with on GitHub to help others :slightly_smiling_face:

I have my miab server running in digital ocean. Digitalocean blocks outgoing SMTP messages in their vps servers. I’m using sendinblue to send emails from my server. I host several domains without any problem.

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