Issues with sieve

If I create a file as /home/user-data/mail/sieve/DOMAIN/USER.sieve, it works fine

But anything inside of /home/user-data/mail/sieve/DOMAIN/USER gets ignored, and that seems to be what the roundcube sieve plugin uses. So anything you do in roundcube is never applied

Also on a slightly related note, where is the best place to put feature requests? I really think there should be a way to add a system-wide global sieve file that won’t be touched by updates.

sieve_before = /home/user-data/mail/sieve/global.sieve
in the same vein as sieve-spam.sieve but one that won’t be touched by upgrades

Well I figured this out. Apparently you have to click the little icon in the bottom left of roundcube and enable the rule, which tells managesieve that it is the active script.

On the global sieve thing, I submitted a pull request