Issues with sending smtp email using phpmailer

SMTP error when sending mail using phpmailer

I am getting error while sending mail while using phpmailer error using smtp sender using words press plugin and others Error shows up in WP plugin WP MAIL SMTP and SuiteCRM which both use phpmailer to send out. After reading forum and internet the Solution is to change some string inside phpmailer Setup file where we have to define smtp and port. Please help me with this exactly what line and what string needs to be change. On both when I use my google email smtp it’s works but when I use my smtp I get error Please help.

Your question likely would better be answered by reaching out to the support channels available for the WP Plug In that you are using. That said, you need to use the SMTP details of an account on your MiaB in the requisite setup file.
Since you state that email delivery works when using your Gmail SMTP details, it would be helpful to know what error message you are receiving. In either case, you should double check the details that you are using to be certain that they are entered correctly.

In PHP you can send multiple emails by using the PHPmailer. You can set your SMTP server setting for removing such type of issues. You can also check your MX record on the server. You can also use the Thunderbird email. For Instant support related to the Thunderbird Email, please
contact Thunderbird Email Support for the best solutions.

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