Issues with alias and permitted senders


I just managed to setup a mail-in-a-box server which works well and now I’m playing with aliases. Basically, I want to send messages to a mail list but only some mail users should be allowed to do this. All mail users are in the same domain.
I have created an alias like name@domain, a list of mails to forward to and some permitted senders, but it seems that any mail users outside of permitted senders still can send mails to the group as well.
Any ideas about how can I do this?

Thank you.

Anyone can send to an alias and have the mail forwarded as that is the regular function of the alias feature. Changing this would require a substantial change to the postfix configuration.

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But in this case, what is the Permitted Senders option for?

Permitted senders works the other way around - it controls who can send mail which looks like it’s sent from alias@your.domain.

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Now I understood. Thank you guys for your answers.

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