Issue with getting backups off of my old MIAB box

So full disclosure, I’ve never really cared about backing up off the server before, but now with the upgrade to Ubuntu, it becomes relevant.

I can connect to my box with SFTP using Filezilla, the files are in the directory, everything is as expected, with the exception that when I try to download them, I get permission denied.

I’m using the same SSH key that I use to log into the box for regular upgrades, and all the permissions look correct. What am I missing?

  • SSH into the box
  • sudo -i to get root
  • Copy the backups to YOUR home directory (cp -R /home/user-data/backups /home/yourUsername/backups), make a new folder if you need to, also copy the secret.txt file over too and download that, its the encryption password to get into the backups!
  • cd /home/yourUsername
  • chown -R yourUsername:yourUsername backups/ (Notice the colon! AND MAKE SURE TO DO THIS ONLY IN YOUR HOME DIRECTORY, NOT /home/user-data!!!)
  • Login via SFTP and download them from your home directory.

Thanks, that did it!

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