Is this possible

I have three MiaB instances in VPSs. Had 4 but one was taken down and is now running PiVPN.

I would like to run an MiaB server at home and use Wireguard and a VPS to work around my ISP.

I found the following…

Using Wireguard and a VPS to Bypass ISP Port Blocking and Hide Your Public IP

What ports does MiaB use?


I don’t recommend this type of setup, it’s very complicated and if something doesn’t work just right you won’t have mail. Get a business class line and static IP if you want to host at home.

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Dennis, @dwomack

While I concur with Chris completely, I’ll still answer the question. You can check the ports simply by reviewing what MiaB allows through the firewall by running ufw status from the command line.

Wouldn’t it be simpler and more reliable to just combine your 3 instances into 1?