Is this normal DNS NS for SOA

Is there a technical reason why these are not being allowed this action, see attachment?

OK, I’ve unlinked the firewall profile and opened ALL ports on the vm. Does this mean I need to wait for it to take effect from GoDaddy?

Note: Takes 2 minuets for Vultr to update, but maybe something on GoDaddies side?
2nd edit: On chat support with godaddy, it seems they are now attempting to force the update from their side.

This guys kills me…

Ok, Think i figured it out, godaddy parked my domain. Here is our lovely conversation. Scroll past the bs to the bottom to get the gist.

It appears you may not have configured your glue records, or did you?

I’m pretty sure, yes. We’ll let you know when the records prop . after switching from Cloud we’re apparently , GoDaddy had refuse to give the option to switch to a new DNS server oh, so I had to switch from cloudFlare back to go daddy’s DNS server and then enable custom DNS , Major Payne…

I don’t think so. This site doesn’t cache anything and pulls directly from root servers:

See where it states:


Yes, “Glue records” (GoDaddy calls them ‘Host names’) have not been created in your GoDaddy account.

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