Is there software that can use MiaB's API for managing aliases?

It seems like there has been a surge of services offering to obfuscate your email address. I’ve been doing this for years - nearly every service with whom I interact gets a custom alias I can disable at any time.

Services like Firefox Relay have browser integration and even work with things like password managers.

Has anyone written software that integrates with MiaB? It would be nice to be able to generate aliases with an app/browser extension rather than logging in to the MiaB web interface.

Why don’t use a catch all for a subdomain.

When I create a new login to a website I have a subdomain @login.mydomain.tld
With this I can enter Amazon@llogin.mydomain.tld to register or adobe@login.mydomain.tld. No need to create a mailbox each and every time as these are forwarded to login@login.mydomain.tlld which is the only true account for this subdomain. With this approach you can also avoid websites that filter email or account name with the + to append something to an email.

I have zero spam with this approach as I think that when emails are sold the ones that can identify the source are removed. Maybe wishful thinking but has worked for me so far