Is there any user registration form for new mail accounts?

Hi. I want to open mib for public use. So in this case I need a user registration form for new users to create mail user accounts. Is there any free option for this? I hope I wont be needing to write it on my own. Thank you.

Such a UI is outside the scope of MIAB at present.

Maybe you want to control who can set up accounts on your server anyway?

See the Mail | Users admin page for command line instructions, for example:

# Adds a new email user

curl -X POST -d "" -d "password=s3curE_pa5Sw0rD"

Also see the release notes and a link to the API documentation.
[Add mail user]

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@murgero created one … let me see if I can find it.

However, I highly DISCOURAGE allowing open sign ups!!!


Thank you alento this is surely what I want. what is your point of discourage for open signups?

There is the risk that spammers will use your email server. Pretty soon it’s ip-addr will be banned and none of your users will be able to send email. Bad internet hygiene all round.

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What risk? the email itself will be banned not the domain. Big tech started that lie because they don’t want anyone starting a email business. It is all baloney. The PHP user registration page is important and should be looked into. Stop letting big tech rule the world.

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I think you will find the IP address of the mail server will end up on blocked lists affecting all email users on your server.

Anyway, if you want you can script something yourself using the provided API.

crazy if 1 email addy is able to kill the whole ip.

You have the same risk with any bad user. Yes you will get more spammers trying to use it but it isn’t that hard to maintain. Especial if maybe there would be a admin approval process or some kind of extra step.

anyways the old API approach seems to have changed or something. Is there a more modern way to register accounts for MIAB especially now that PHP is installed directly on the MIAB stack and included by default.

Like mastodon and other systems, it would be great if there was an “invitation to sign up” feature with admin review and final approval to ensure who you want to sign up, actually signs up.

Actually a lot of mail blacklists do list an IP address instead of or as well as the sending domain.

Did I miss something somewhere, I thought that nginx included with a MIAB install was only set up to server static files (with the exception of RoundCube, etc.) ?

Technically once you can solve your issue you can have it removed from blacklisting. It is not a death sentence. Keep a eye on your system have flags installed and create tolerance for system abusers.
You are in full control of the packets sent out firewalls can also help with people trying to abuse the system. Apps like Crowdsec is a great example.

Latest MIAB comes with php 7.4 fpm now so yes it is capable to do things now securely.

It’s not a death sentence at all, but it is a lot of hassle.

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Yes, I agree with you. MIAB can help small startups run an email business. A user registration page can request payment via Bitcoin or Monero, and once payment is received, create a user account. This can compete with big tech like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Is there any plans to create a MIAB fork to develop MIAB in this way? I noticed on Github there is a MIAB registration script and a MIAB dynamic DNS script but they are not actively supported. I can help finance the revival of these projects.

My VPS IP was listed in the Spamhaus blacklist along with my provider’s entire IPv4 subnet. This is because spammers used botnets to hijack many VPS to send bulk email.

The only way to curb spam is to charge for email services.