Is there any user registration form for new mail accounts?

Hi. I want to open mib for public use. So in this case I need a user registration form for new users to create mail user accounts. Is there any free option for this? I hope I wont be needing to write it on my own. Thank you.

Such a UI is outside the scope of MIAB at present.

Maybe you want to control who can set up accounts on your server anyway?

See the Mail | Users admin page for command line instructions, for example:

# Adds a new email user

curl -X POST -d "" -d "password=s3curE_pa5Sw0rD"

Also see the release notes and a link to the API documentation.
[Add mail user]

@murgero created one … let me see if I can find it.

However, I highly DISCOURAGE allowing open sign ups!!!

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Thank you alento this is surely what I want. what is your point of discourage for open signups?

There is the risk that spammers will use your email server. Pretty soon it’s ip-addr will be banned and none of your users will be able to send email. Bad internet hygiene all round.

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