Is there any delivery issues expected if I don't configure this DNS?

I’m using Ezoic (ads) and Cloudflare (CDN) at the same time.
So to minimize my DNS configuration, I chose to omit all the records for:

  • mta-sts
  • autodiscover
  • autoconfig

Will it cause some email sending issues?
100% of the time, my mail server is used for tractional outgoing forum emails only.

autodiscover and autoconfig will make no difference at all, they are only used when configuring mail clients to access an account.

mta-sts is a security protocol that could potentially make a difference but on the other hand, a hell of a lot of mail servers are out there in the wild running without it and doing just fine.

Personally I would recommend implementing the mta-sts records and skipping the autoconfig/discover ones.


Thanks a lot for your advice.

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