Is there a limit or max in how many users/ domains MIAB can handle and also at the same time?

Is there a limit or max in how many users/ domains MIAB can handle and also at the same time?


There is no built-in limit. It depends on how much processor power, memory, and hard drive space the machine has, and how frequently the users check their mail, etc.


I just leased 2 domains this morning from Godaddy and had to do 2 installations on digital ocean for MIAB. Each domains are blacklisted from Spambaus. Why is this happening??? Could it be because of MIAB???

I don’t know how things get listed on Spamhaus.

Hey bud, in most cases, its not the domain that gets blacklisted, it’s the IP Address. You will want to confirm with your ISP (Example, Digital Ocean) if the IP’s you were using were recycled, and you will want to contact spamhaus and have them delist you. 99/100 cases, Mail-In-A-Box will not be the case of the black list, but either a compromised account, or the previous owner of the IP address.

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I entered the ipaddress from digital ocean in the spamhaus blocklist removal center. It doesn’t show up. But when I enter the new domain I got it does show that its blacklisted… So now even if I changed the ipaddress I still cant use any of the domains. BUT now that I remember before I used that domain in digital ocean, I ran it through the spamhaus blocklist center originally it didn’t show up so???

Did you register domain in last 30 days? If so, it may be blacklisted because of SEM-FRESH

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I just got the domains this morning. So because its new its automatically blacklisted?

Yes (Probably) because it has been seen in the past that new domains are used and thrown by spammers so it is kind of a default rule for some blacklists.

Should be out after 30 days of maintaining good reputation.

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A whole month??? sheesh! I hope so! Thanks very much bro!!!

So then I wonder if I could use an older domain I have but install the MIAB as a subdomain of it and host it on its own droplet while the main domain is on another droplet… Think I would have the same issue if the domain is 8+ old? Hopefully not

If your sending domain is a brand new domain (registered for the first time) then you’re gonna have those issues. My instance was set up with a new domain and I had terrible delivery experiences for the first month (you can search for deliverability issues with outlook topic)

However, as the time is passing by and the users are marking my emails as not spam (or better yet, I only reply to their emails), delivery rates are improving. I tried to switch to an old domain but it only worsen the situation for me so I would not recommend doing it.

best would be to build up good reputation for your new domain/IP by sending good email at a very limited rate (don’t start spamming hundreds of inboxes of outlook or gmail) and once you see your mails reach inbox, you can start sending as much as you need.

Also, Join Microsoft’s SNDS & JMRP and Google’s Postmaster Tools if you want insights on your domain/IP sending quality.

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