Is OwnCloud a mess?

So, it seems OwnCloud has been creating a lot of headaches for you @JoshData

Have you been considering alternatives or other solutions.

Just wondering here.

Yes, he is replacing owncloud (thank god). Probably with SabreDAV, as said in this thread :

Cool! Never even saw that.

I really need to learn how GitHub works. I stay away from it because I think I’m afraid of it.

I read OwnCloud seems to be a mess for the devs but I would gladly donate money on behalf of Mail-in-a-Box to @JoshData’s fave charity to keep a simple Mail-in-a-Box user-to-OwnCloud-user connection on the same server similar to how it is today. I really like the fact that I can do more than just mail with my fresh DO 30GB server and all the great securely setup configurations Josh has provided for us. I didn’t know of OwnCloud before MiaB and now I love it & depend on it over the other boxes. Thanks again for all the hardwork and providing MiaB — & for considering this feature.

Also, I didn’t get to say thank you for the reply to my other post before it closed so thank you again.

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@K87RRR6r6 Thanks. I don’t know what the future will be for ownCloud in Mail-in-a-Box. Right now I’m too busy to make a big change. But any change will likely be to make Mail-in-a-Box simpler, so that it’s easier to make sure it runs correctly. You can always set up ownCloud running on a a separate server.

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