Is it safe to use a different webhost for the TLD

I would love to make it so that keeps being the way I access MIAB but I don’t want pointed at the MIAB server I want it pointed at my development environment somewhere else. Is this safe and possible? I don’t see any DNS records in the Custom Setup page. Will I just need to clobber the hidden DNS records with custom entries and that will magically work?

I’m just trying to avoid buggering up the installation so I’m double checking my understanding a little and asking advice a little also.

I do it. So wherever you have DNS for that domain, you’ll have to add an A record for your MIAB box and the MX record as well.

So given what you’re saying I’m going to guess that MIAB is using CNAME records for the MX records and not A records?

Huh? No. The MX record is and always will be pointed to your box as a MX record.

The A record will be pointed at your VPS hosting MiaB for This is so you can access webmail.

Another A record will point to your development environment somewhere else as so you can access it whereever it is. Create that A record in Custom DNS dropdown of System tab. This assumes that you are using MiaB for DNS rather than External DNS. The previous posters response assumed that you use external DNS.

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Thanks for the clarity @alento the last post seemed to assume a lot of knowledge and that left me making more guesses then finding solutions. There doesn’t seem to be any place in the MIAB UX that shows you the internal DNS records that MIAB magically creates which is what’s left me a bit confused about what to expect.

Take a look at the External DNS tab … it shows all of the necessary DNS entries if you were to take your DNS to an outside provider. I actually had to look at mine to see if CNAME records were mentioned at all to reply to your post.

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That’s helpful but not what I’m looking for exactly when I say what it could show you. I mean to suggest that if we had a greyed out box in the UI that shows you the list of DNS records that are default created inside of MIAB’s DNS in the same view as the Custom DNS records so you could see what’s there or whether or not it’d been overwritten. It might seem a bit redundant having the External DNS tab but it would help.

It sort of does … when adding an A record for another subdomain there is a notation on the External DNS page that the record was added by user. I notice, however, that the TXT records do not show that notation so you would have to ignore other records related to subdomains added by user.

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