Is it possible to integrate MiaB with Lexicon for automatic management of external DNS?

I have dozens of domains already heavily documented with cloudflare, and at the same time I need many of the additional features they offer. So it’s not possible for me to use glue.
This makes it very inconvenient for me to use MiaB.
I think a better approach is to use Lexicon, which provides a standardized way to connect tovarious DNS providers.

The only domain requiring a glue record is the box hostname. The rest of the domains can make use of MiaB as with any other mail server, which I assume you are already doing since Cloudflare does not offer email hosting service.

MiaB has an API for DNS and it is documented on the ‘Custom DNS’ page of the dashboard. I don’t know anything about Lexicon, but it would be up to that project to make use of the MIaB API.

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