Is it neccessary to configure IPTables

After setting up my server, but before installing MiaB, I configured IPTables with the required rules for MiaB. However, during installation, I observed that the installer set up UFW instead of detecting and using the already-configured IPTables.

so my question is, Is it necessary to set up IPTables, or is the installer coded to set up UFW with all the necessary rules?

As the instructions say, you actually may not do any configuration of the system before setting up Mail-in-a-Box.

The setup will configure ufw.

With all the required rules?

Depends on what you mean by required, I guess.

It turns on ufw, which blocks all ports, and then it opens up the ports that are needed for the box to function. I think there’s another thread here somewhere that lists which ports those are.

I’m familiar with all the ports, but it states in the setup guide, under Firewall settings, that specific ports have to be open. I just assumed that the script is not coded to configure the firewall and open the posts, so I went ahead and set up IPTables.

But that’s all cleared up now, so no problema!

Ahha, I see what you mean. I will clarify that!