Is IPV6 record for & recommended?

Or it’s advisable not to use?
Is it supported by MiaB?

As I got this errors on IPV6 testing.

I am of the opinion that if your server has IPv6 available, use it.

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MIAB supports IPv6 fine. Just make sure that you have a static global IPv6 address when you run the install/update. The config that was used for the last install (and the defaults for the next) are saved in /etc/mailinabox.conf.

It may be that your box’s IPv6 address has changed, and the server is listening on the wrong address. Some systems are setup with IPv6 “security addresses”, so they request a different global address on each restart! Check your local router or DHCP server, or confirm your ISP has assigned a static address.

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I would definitely recommend having a static IPV6 address assigned. I ran into problems with email being bounced from European servers last year. It happened when I was emailing some friends / colleagues in Austria. After some investigation, seems the Europeans are ahead of the US in configuring IPV6 and having one is a requirement for some of their email servers to receive your email…

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