Is Google Cloud Compute Engine a good VPS for mail?

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Does GCE (Google Compute Engine) play nicely with mail-in-a-box out of the box?

Nope! GCP blocks port 25. There is no recourse. Don’t waste your time trying.

I’m 100% on GCP, so I moved my mail over to a Fastmail account. It’s not any more money than running the VPS.

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what about mailjet?:

I have my MIAB instance running on the $10 Linode VPS (1 Core, 2GB RAM). Works great. I have a peak load of just shy of %60 and have three mailboxes that get heavy mail use, and about a dozen that get light loads over the day. With GoDaddy as my registrar, I can do the dns and MIAB on that same host without issues. I recall reading that some registrars have issues with both DNS servers being on the same IP being problematic. Not with GoDaddy. Not sure offhand what the cost of another IP would be (bind 2 ip’s to the VPS and then point at both in your registrars’ dns settings).

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