IPv6 in OpenVZ : Roundcube and NSD

Improvement as in Documentation.

It happened to me, that after installing (export DISABLE_FIREWALL=1) and setting all the DNS based redirections (only PTR, StartSSL & DNSSEC missing), everything worked fine except Roundcube.

The simple solution was to disable IPv6, as it was only listening on the loopback device and had no public address.

I wanted to share this success with you.

You mean nginx (the http server) wasn’t listening on public ipv6 addresses?

Other way round, it was somehow only listening on [::1].

summarizing NSD listens on IPv6 on an IPv6-disabled host

Continuing the discussion from Update broke mailinabox and Nsd ipv6 issues:

The paste in the Upgrade broke mailinabox, which can most certainly moved here together with your answer @JoshData, is already almost the whole file. The missing rest are only the custom zones which work fine, if.

The lines I added were the remote-control: part. Which I had to specify to make it listen on IPv4 only.
Despite IPv6 is disabled on the system and no ifconfig has addresses attached, I know. Weird.

Should we introduce some new config parameters to fiddle with all those IPv6 questions?

I really don’t know. If there are no ipv6 interfaces, it cannot (definitely cannot) be listening on ipv6. Also remote-control is disabled by default so there should not be an effect of adding any of those lines. And I’m not sure what your original problem was exactly. I can’t really help at this point. If you start on a new fresh machine and post an error, we could try starting there.

Nice offer. let’s do exactly that. I will document every little step, but give me some time to deliver, please.