iPad Profile won't log in

I have an existing mailinabox setup that is working for myself and my brother. Webmail access, android, thunderbird, all work fine. However, my iPad recently stopped syncing. downloading the profile again from server/mailinabox.mobileconfig leads to a profile install.

it won’t accept my password. I know the password works because I can log into an incognito window with that password on the webmail side. I’ve tried appending the 6 digit MFA code to the end of the password. nothing seems to work.

Any ideas on what I am getting wrong? or does iOS 17.whatever just not work any more?

I assume that you are trying to use Z-Push? Z-Push has issues (In my opinion).

Try to Configure the iPad to use IMAP natively (carddav / caldav) and you will never look back (do not use the mobileconfig profile)

Firstly, tap the Settings app.
Next scroll down and choose the option for Passwords & Accounts. ...
Tap Add Account.
Tap the option for Other.
Tap Add Mail Account.
Enter your Name, Email address, Email password and a Description for your email account.

Ensure if / when prompted to use your servers name > box.mymailserver.com for example. Use your full email address for username, and passwords.

If there is a field that says “optional” it really isn’t fill it out again with full username (email) and password.

Also worth mentioning if you already have existing account with this configured the delete that account first, delete the profile, etc… then reboot the iPad before trying to setup IMAP.

You can then go back and setup CardDav and CalDav if you use it, similar steps above…

Other things to note: the MFA token is only used for admin panel, it has nothing to do with logging into your mailbox. (Roundcube and Dovecot do not use MFA)

If you want to attempt to fix zpush manually you can try doing it but I really can’t stress to you that you will have to keep doing this over and over again… The above solution works 100% without needing to keep working with ZPush.

root@mail:~# z-push-admin -a lastsync

Find the account that is affected.

z-push-admin -a remove -d fp1a6812ah747fbkkobqt3fjc8

(Where fp1a6812ah747fbkkobqt3fjc8 represents the affending device id)

Then try to reboot/retry the password, etc for it to sync mail again. If your mailbox is over 1GB expect it to take forever.

You could also try resyncing from ZPush with this command, but I find that its problematic

z-push-admin  -a resync -u USER -d DEVICE              

Again, I really can’t stress that setting up IMAP is the way to go.

thank you. setting this up via IMAP worked.

You can always setup IMAP via this link on the Ipad https://box.somedomain.com/mailinabox.mobileconfig

if you named box. your server.

Just open the settings and click on the downloaded profile, that is IMAP not Active Sync.
For active sync (zpush) go to Settings Accounts> Add Email Account> Exchange
Wait a little bit then hit setup manually. Then edit server and username appropriatley. Username must contain the full email address blabla@somedomain.com

Two factor authentication is not used for email only for admin panel.

I can confirm that zpush (push messages) stopped working, i.e. it only pulls the messages, after the latest MIAB update. Maybe the next update it’ll repair itself magically :smile:

Unfortunately I think Z-Push should probably be depreciated and within a few versions removed from the project, but that’s up to Josh and I know people have been trying to keep it working. Obviously not my call.

It was a good idea to remove the profile for ActiveSync and adding it again. Now zpush started pushing messages on my Iphone. It is working YEAAAH.

Thanks @stylnchris

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