iOS Mail App no Push / ActiveSync

Hey all,
I am facing a strange issue with my iOS Mail App.
Seems like only with the iOS Mail App the Push Service is not working.
In the settings there is no option to choos it, only manual fetching is possible.

Other Apps like Thunderbird on my PC are working fine.

Any tips on this?


You are on IMAP not on Active Sync as per your screenshot.
Push does work on Active Sync but sending via Active Sync does not.

Delete your account from your Iphone and try again. Setup Microsoft exchange (find your server address usually in the MIAB Admin panel Instructions):
Set up Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Vision Pro - Apple Support (MK)

Read more:

Oh boy… that did the Job. :slight_smile: Thanks for the Tip!
But it is strange anyways, as I always connect via IMAP, also in Thunderbird where the Push worked fine.

But as it now works, thread can be closed!