Ios carddav sync weird issue

I recently noticed that for some strange reason I can’t select my box’s carddav account as the default contacts account on ios. All my new contacts were created locally on my iPhone. Anyone else seeing this issue? Or am I missing something here?

fwiw I’m on the latest version of ios.

This >> Configured contacts account in iOS not available for selection as default. All other accounts can be selected. Sync works. · Issue #1870 · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub

Is my issue. Apparently this can be solved by “Disabling the “Contacts Interaction” app”

No clue how to do that without a NC admin interface…

EDIT: Okay found out I could do it with occ. This however did not change anything…

EDIT2: Oh ffs… This fixed it… :man_shrugging:

I had some issues there, too. Removing and adding it multiple times (without changing anything besides the name) solved it for me. I blamed Apple for it, but maybe worth an investigation.