iOS Calendar entries

Hi. I have a running Mail-in-a-box that I have been using for years. Currently on 0.41 with Ubuntu 18.04. I only have one problem/question. I like to enter my appointments on my iPhone by appending the time i.e. I do this:

Supper with Andi @ 18:30

in the title field. My appointment is then set for 18:00 which gives me 30 minutes to get there. I like using the calendar this way and do not want to change it :slight_smile: (for all those who are going to say that a calendar should not be used like that)

The problem I have is that the title is escaped, when I check on my Mac or the web interface the title is:

Supper with Andi @ 18\:30

I can then change this to remove the \ and it stays gone but would love it if it was not added in the first place.

Thank you in advance

PS: As this might have to do with the local settings on the server I do not want to hide the following from you: I am a South African living in Austria -> local is set to Austria (German), language to English!

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