Invitation to the Nextcloud Conference!

Hi Mail-in-a-Box team!

In a few weeks at the TU Berlin we kick off the Nextcloud Conference. It’ll be a very open event, not just in terms of free entry but we will cover all thinks privacy, self-hosting, security, surveillance and more. Our keynote speaker, former Mozilla president Tristan Nitot, is right now CTO of Cozy Cloud - another private, open source cloud project. Just to give an indication as to how open the event is :smile_cat:

We expect between 100 and 200 people, maybe more. And I would like to invite you folks as well! Think of it: lots of interesting people, nice hacking rooms, free network :signal_strength: food & drinks :cake: :beers: what could go wrong?

Many of us will just use the week days to work from the event location and you’re welcome to do that, too!

Saturday/Sunday we have a program, however, with a opening keynote and then a series of short lighting talks to kick off discussions and collaboration. In the afternoon (after a nice lunch) you can either go back to hacking or join one of the workshops.

And yes, this is ALSO an invitation to give one or multiple talks about Mail in a Box or one of the other projects and subjects you care about!

I hope I’ve not abused the issue tracker too much - and intrigued some of you. Consider joining! Register & submit talks or just learn more on

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We had over 150 people at the Nextcloud conf :wink:

I wrote a blog about the event. One piece of news from the conference you might like: our iOS app is now fully free, not only in terms of freedom but also costs.

Friday was our enterprise day, you can watch the talks about things like our Red Hat partnership, the 22K user TU Berlin migration, security, scalability and online office improvements and our outlook integration on YouTube:

In the weekend we had keynotes each morning (Tristan Nitot, co-founder of Mozilla Europe Saturday, Sunday Moodle founder Martin Dougiamas) followed by a dozen+ lightning talks and workshops in the afternoon.

Sadly, no talk about Mail-in-a-box, that would have been nice as I personally still think a mail serving solution is a major thing missing in our Nextcloud ecosystem.

Maybe see you next year then? The dates are already fixed: August 23-30!