Invalid email during installation

Why is an invalid email?invalidemail

I know that some names are reserved, e.g. ‘administrator’, ‘abuse’. I don’t know if ‘webmaster’ is one of them. MIAB automatically creates aliases of such names to point to your main account name.

I set up my box with as the main address although I think that is also supposed to be a reserved name. Not sure if that just wasn’t checked by the version of MIAB I installed at the time.

Alright, i will try admin, which i don’t clearly remember trying but will tryjagain and let you know.

I did not know that is not allowed because MiaB doesn’t create an alias for that address, but it will create an alias for

My recommendation is do not use the standard emails for this option. It’s just personal preference, but omething like might be a better choice, as this email address you are creating is the login for the admin dashboard.

An undocumented feature I suppose, but yes webmaster@ is also reserved.

Personally, I like to use miab@, but that is just me. Too many people use their preferred email address not realizing that system notices, etc. will be directed to this email that is created at set up.

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My experience was that MiaB forced me to create using as the domain, so I have, which is not a domain I use for anything other than MiaB admin duties. However, I haven’t performed a new install since the 18.04 first release version.

Yes, same here! But somewhere that was changed to automatically provisioning a new account on the root domain. Not sure exactly when though.

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Thanks guy’s, you all have been a tremendous help with your feedback.

I have not yet had a moment to finished the setup process.

I have another question which i will post in a new thread, but will ask here anyway.

The official version is 14.04 according to the video tutorial, should i spin up 18.04 lts?

I was told in the vid tut 14.04 was the only supported version,. which obviously surprised me, but upon installation, the initial text lead me to believe i should have used 18.04🤔

Yes, use 18.04 it is fully supported. (20.04 is not by the way)

For any project you are installing, the best thing to do is carefully and fully review the docs, as those are more likely to be updated regularly.

You must choose the Ubuntu 18.04 x64 (server edition) operating system and a machine with at least 512 MB of RAM. This setup currently costs around $5/month, depending on which provider you choose. We recommend you to use a box with 1 GB of RAM which costs around $10/month.

Very kind of you to clarify!

Recommend specs aside, what about maximum resources case scenario?

I.E. spam assassin, clam av, etc…

Vultr’s cloud has a 2gb ram1xVcpu about $6 or $12,*nvme depending on storage size, and a 4gig ram with 2xVcpu for $24.

I don’t want to spend more than i need and i can always upgrade effortlessly. So, no biggie.

I was paying protonmail $35 for their visionary plan. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

This will depend on your use case. How many users? Usually storage is the limiting factor for mail servers.

Also note that MiaB does not install ClamAV.

I just looked over the ProtonMail Visionary plan (didn’t first realize what you meant), and it looks like they offer 20GB of storage across all email accounts.

You probably will get that roughly for mail storage with the Vultr $6 High Frequency Compute instance assuming you store backups locally in MiaB.

I strongly recommend paying the $1.20 for automated daily backups.

Good deal then, just myself as a user,

I have about 5 domains ( each with a catchall address) about 11 total. send, receive, nothing high traffic, so mostly for division and organization purposes.

Thanks for the heads up. Will get working on this first thing in the morning!

Honestly you’re gonna be good to go with a 1gb ram vps.


I use a 1GB Digital Ocean droplet for something similar. $6 per month including backups.

Data backup to a free AWS account as well.

Thanks guys.

New thread here for organization reasons.

Topic is security related