Internal Server Error while status check

Hello there,

I have the following error.
After I updated to the latest version of Mail-in-a-Box the “System Status Check” in the admin webinterface fails with a “Internal Server error”.

Executing the status check manual creates the following result:

root@vmmailbox01:~/mailinabox/management# python
File “”, line 378
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ‘\xe2’ in file on line 378, but no encoding declared; see for details

Does anybody knows a workaround?

I had the same issue. Did you managed to resolve this?

rerun the mailinabox script

We recently pushed a bugfix regarding a ascii-errors in the master branch of miab. Chances are that the error would not have occured with the bugfix. Unfortunately the bugfix is not released yet.

Just for a sanity check if the bugfix would (probably) work for you: Could you run the command locale (as root, so maybe you have to run sudo locale) please and post the output here?