Internal E-Mail Server with Push


I want to setup a local email server that works on a LAN/WLAN only.
Basically I have a server that sends emergency alerts via email currently. These events are being sent currently to a iCloud email address. iPhones onsite will receive the email via push notifications for staff to respond. The issue is that it relies on 3rd party services (internet, push cloud services etc.)

Is there away to setup a internal local email server with push capabilities? This way the iPhone just need to be connected to the WLAN (same lan as the mail server) to get interna emails.

Apologies if I’m not explaining what I’m looking for good enough !

Thanks !

Do you mean the server will not be accessing outside of your network?

Correct ! Everything needs to communicate locally only.

There will be a lot of errors in the interface, but if you can set your local network up to support it, then it will work.

Will the push notifications work ?
Dose it not rely on 3rd party servers?

MiaB will install everything to your server. The MiaB project assumes it is installed into an environment similar to a hosted VPS. It will be up to you to configure your network to support the server and do what you want it to do.

The push feature is provided from an open source project called Z-Push and is installed and configured in the MiaB installation.