Installing other things on the box?

Apologies if this is a silly question, but is it a bad idea to install other platforms on the same machine that is running mail-in-a-box? For example, I would like to install the blog platform Ghost on the same machine and let visitors direct to that page. Thank you! James1

Yes, it is a bad idea to install other things alongside MiaB.

You should use MiaB just for mail and a different server for blogging and other uses.

Thanks so much for this helpful and prompt reply!

MIAB is designed to run alone as openletter says. You can make use of its NextCloud install to hold files as well. That works perfectly well. is a possible alternative to MIAB and allows both mail services and other apps, including Ghost, in separate containers.

That said, I run a dedicated MIAB for mail and a separate Cloudron server for other apps, e.g. project management software.

FYI my MIAB is on a 1GB droplet (VPS) and Cloudron on a 4GB droplet.

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