Installing MiaB and restarting firewall makes the entire VPS bricked (Oracle Cloud)


I was trying to migrate my Ubuntu 18 MiaB box to the new Ubuntu 22 and I wasn’t able to make it work at all. After a lot of reinstalls and a lot of testing things I found out that whenever I run curl -s | sudo -E bash and just install the box normally then reload firewall (or simply reboot) the entire machine becomes bricked. I’m not able to connect to it and the stats (CPU usage, memory usage) disappear from Oracle Cloud panel.

This shows that the port 22 is enabled and already was previously.


After I reload and see the “success” response I can’t type anything anymore and the machine is bricked.

It seems that Oracle and MiaB are doing something that together makes the machine unresponsive? Does anyone have any info or idea how to debug further?

EDIT: I have confirmed that installing MiaB on fresh Ubuntu 18 and reloading firewall does not cause the machine to become bricked. Makes me believe that there is something going on with Oracle Cloud, Ubuntu 22 and MiaB combination.

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