Installing Mail-in-a-Box on an existing VPS

Hello, I’m looking for a mail server to set up on my VPS that has some webpages and a game server running 24/7, but I noticed in the FAQ this:

No. Mail-in-a-Box must be installed on a fresh machine that will be dedicated to Mail-in-a-Box, and you cannot modify the box after installation (configuration changes will get overwritten by the box’s self-management). If you are looking for something more advanced, try iRedMail, Sovereign, or Modoboa.

Does this mean I can’t install this server if I already have something running on my VPS or is it possible?

Correct. The VPS MUST be dedicated to use for only MiaB. With the cost of VPS being so low, a second VPS shouldn’t be a financial burden for most. ($2/mo. - $3.50/mo.)

This is not true. While the developers support only clean installation on a clean Ubuntu 18.04, MiaB could be installed in a clean Ubuntu container inside the VPS. I use MiaB in LXD and it works perfectly fine.

So @TheChilliPL, you can install MiaB in an LXD container. If you have additional IP address (not the one you use for game server/webserver), you can assign one to the container and it would work just as a clean VPS.
If you don’t have additional IP address, you’ll need to setup a proxy server for webserver (port 80 and 443), to be able to use your existing webserver and MiaB on a single IP address. You also need to redirect other MiaB ports listed in Firewall Settings.

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