Installing Mail-in-a-Box on a subdomain


I just tested the install of Mail-in-a-Box for a domain name and it’s working great!

I would now like to know how I can set it up on a subdomain? Because the main domain will be used for the website. So server 1 will be used for the website, and server 2 for the webmail.

I couldn’t find any tutorial about that. Could you give us a hand on that?


Let’s say your domain is:

The normal installation is that your Mail-in-a-Box would be setup on subdomain as:

So then your website at would simply have a Custom DNS “A” record set from your Mail-in-a-Box admin panel. Then your domain will be on server 1 and your webmail will be on server 2 just like you desire.

Maybe you have setup your Mail-in-a-Box on: as the hostname, which is not recommended.

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