Installing mail-in-a-box after nextcloud

I’m using nextcloud for chat and some other things.
after installing mail-in-a-box, the main page (example . com) which was belong to nextcloud was changed and I cannot reach it anymore ( is MIAB main page). How can I restore this page so I can use both of them?

PS: nextcloud page at is not suitable, because I’m not admin at this page and cannot enable nextcloud talk.

So you installed MiaB on a Ubuntu server which ALREADY had NextCloud installed?

Or what?

Yes, you are right.
I want to have both of them on a server.

Well the proper way to do that is to install MiaB per the instructions. Which DO NOT include installing it over top of another NC installation.

So your best option is to copy your NC data somewhere, reinstall MiaB on a clean fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04, unlock the NC admin controls, then copy your data back

Your alternative is to run NC and MiaB on two different servers ignoring the NC installation on the MiaB server.

Not sure that is going to be possible … you’ll need to read the MiaB source code and see how it treats NC differently than a stand alone installation.

So, enable NC admin privileges …


your suggestion and your script works for me.
Thanks alot

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