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Hi there, I have just installed MIAB for first time on Ubuntu 18.04. I am not using the packaged DNS server, but leaving the DNS with Domain Registrar (reg-123). We already have a web site (externally hosted) for our domain but we don’t have SSL cert for this as just http. I’m now wanting to add SSL cert (Lets Encrypt) for the mail web server, but of course our main domain resolves to different IP, than the mail sever, which I suspect is causing the Lets Encrypt Validations to fail. I should also mention mail server is all working fine, and it sits NAT’ed behind firewall.

So my first question is; is it possible to apply a Lets Encrypt cert in this manner when main company web page is at one IP, but want another web server (mail) at another public IP? I am guessing no, and suspect I might need to create a subdomain to make this work for mail? I’m hoping someone already has resolved this issue, and has a nice neat solution…anyone?

Many Thanks…Rob

You need to apply the LE cert for the web server on the web server, not MiaB. You should already have a subdomain for mail which is per your post ‘box’.

As you are using external DNS you need to do this. Go to Custom DNS page in the admin area. Add the A record for your root domain and www. You should then be able to issue the certificate for box.

By adding this record, even though MiaB is not serving DNS for the domain, the record tells MiaB that the box is not to issue LE certs including the root domain and www.

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