Installing Box + Webinoly CP + WordPress on one server?


I’m have a Ubuntu 18.04 VPS and love using Webinoly (CLI control panel) in all servers because it’s very lightweight and has a lot of useful commands to do things so fast :slight_smile: But I’m not sure if I can install it on the same server without making issues. Also, since Webinoly CP can install WordPress for me so I need to have my wp website installed in and MIAB in

Is this task doable? If yes, I appreciate any help on how to implement this task in one server.

To install Webinoly:

tar xf v1.12.1.tar.gz
cd webinoly-1.12.1/
bash weby 3 >> (will take ~5 minutes)

To install WordPress:
site -wp

To disable the auth login:
httpauth -wp-admin=off

Hope to find some helpful hints to achieve this task… :muscle:
Thank you!

It is a lot more intensive than you are thinking …

WP needs a database. I believe that it uses mysql.

Installing and configuring mysql potentially interferes with other aspects of the box. Though, others have done this. But once you’ve done this you are completely on your own as this project does not support “unsupported modifications”.

If you want to discover the hoops that need to be done, do a search on this forum. It has been documented in the past.

Wouldn’t it be more logical to spin up 2 VPS’s? They are not expensive, and there are excellent providers who are less expensive than Digital Ocean.

Thanks for your reply!

Could you please tell some of those VPS providers you mentioned that they’re excellent and cheaper than Digital Ocean?

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