Installer fails on "Installing nsd (DNS server)", clean VPS without IPv6

Hello, so I’m trying to install mailinabox on a clean Ubuntu 22.04 VPS server.
The VPS provider only gives an IPv4 address, no IPv6 (if that matters).
The VPS is a container, not KVM.
Also, I already renewed the server for 4 months, I should have first tested if everything works, so I’m stuck with this provider and I wouldn’t wanna change this because they also offer great prices. Changing providers would only be my last step.

The only steps I do prior to installation:

apt update && apt upgrade -y
apt install curl

Then when I run MIAB installer, it fails on “Installing nsd (DNS server)”, the VPS loses internet connection and states: “Temporary failure resolving ‘’”

Installation log:

I checked if “named” is running with systemctl status named but it was not, so I started it with “systemctl start named”, the named daemon was disabled for auto startup so I enabled it and repeated the MIAB installation script, and now everything installed.

So my questions would be: Why did this happen? Can that happen in the future, for e.x when upgrading/migrating MIAB, or will I be fine?

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I’ve never had to install “curl”. And looking through the ubuntu provided images, curl seems to be included in the standard server image. So I’d guess that your provider has given you a cut-down/minimal image which might be missing packages, or might have things configured in an “interesting” manner!

Does your provider offer a choice of “Ubuntu Server” images. Perhaps a less minimal (more standard) image is available?

Yes, the provider definitely modified this image a bit, and it’s not stock Ubuntu 22.04 Server edition.
For e.x apache2 was already preinstalled on the VPS.

In the operating system list, there are ubuntu images, but they are not marked as server edition or anything, list looks a bit like this: Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 20.04, etc…

So the entire problem was that named daemon was not enabled.
All I had to do was systemctl enable named, systemctl start named, and then install MIAB.
Successfully installed and migrated my box to new provider.
Bought the VPS for 4 months for only 15e, experienced some problems installing, but I say that’s a win, from paying 10 euros a month to 4e.

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you must be using the same host I am. I also had to install curl…
systemctl start bind, and try again.
not sure why some seem to call it named, and other bind.

What hosting are you using? But a lot of hosting companies use the same virtualization technology/modified linux image, so it could be others too.

same tech, but subtle differences in how they configure.

From Wikipedia:

BIND (/ˈbaɪnd/) is a suite of software for interacting with the Domain Name System (DNS). Its most prominent component, named (pronounced name-dee: /ˈneɪmdiː/, short for name daemon), performs both of the main DNS server roles, acting as an authoritative name server for DNS zones and as a recursive resolver in the network. As of 2015, it is the most widely used domain name server software,[2][3][4] and is the de facto standard on Unix-like operating systems.[5][6] Also contained in the suite are various administration tools such as nsupdate and dig, and a DNS resolver interface library.

The software was originally designed at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) in the early 1980s. The name originates as an acronym of Berkeley Internet Name Domain,[7] reflecting the application’s use within UCB. The latest version is BIND 9, first released in 2000 and still actively maintained by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) with new releases issued several times a year.

So basically named is the service that you are running and BIND is the name of the software.

yep, – I’m aware of all that, what I’m not sure why of is why some seem to be fine with named, while other ubuntu installs prefer you use the name bind.

starting bind will fix this issue.