Installation on Ubuntu 14

I do know Ubuntu 14 is old but I also want a piece of software running on the same box that will not work with 16 or higher as it is no longer updated.

The installer trys to install php7, which looking a bunch at one point you could do on 14 with a ppa, but not anymore.

Is there anyway to get around this so I can have the install quit failing on php7? I installed php5 hoping it would see that php was installed and just keep going, but no luck.

Even in the update instructions, it says if you are on 14 to update with the installer which trys to install php7, which will fail everytime. Then backup, reinstall OS, and restore the backup. It would not actually be possible, at this time to follow the upgrade instructions.

The other software I need on the same box is UBNT mFi.

Honestly, MIAB is not designed to share a server with another application. You’re better off installing it on its own.

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What he said … it is a really bad idea to install on an old OS for security reasons.

If it is a cost issue, I could refer you to an excellent VPS provider which costs just $3.50/month for a suitable VPS, so your total cost would only increase $2/month and you’d be in a better position.

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