Installation on Hetzner (single server with volume)


Is there a guide to install on Hetzner and which server type is recommended

  • Shared vCPU (x86) Intel
  • Shared vCPU (x86) AMD
  • Shared vCPU (Arm64) Ampere

And also what is the minimum required server in each category + recommended server.

I currently host my email with Microsoft using mx records, can I use the for mail-in-a-box setup


I have several remarks for Hetzner:

  • any vps is ok, the lightest will aready work
  • however, if you use ARM, you might run into issues, see e.g. Using MIAB On ARM You might be better off using x86
  • I think Hetzner blocks port 25 (which you’ll need for mail) by default. Once you have paid the first invoice (after a month or so) you can ask them to open the port. It’s up to you if this is an issue for you. If you are already a customer they will probably open it directly as I think this is a per account setting, not per vps.
  • no special installation remarks, just follow the MiaB manual
  • you can use, just insert that instead of
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