Installation on an external share

Hello guys!

This is my first post, I’m preparing my setup.

I will be deploying MIAB on a virtual Ubuntu. The thing is that the server is a powerful machine, but there is a limited space (especially for space consuming emails). I was thinking of mounting smb share on startup of a server and having this share ready for email data.

Have anyone done that before?

This email server will be working as a backup server for our office, so I plan to collect all the emails without deleting them or archiving.


just mount the folder to /home/user-data before installation

(Yes that is an absolute path, not your user’s home folder.

Thanks! So I imagine, in case the share won’t mount, the system will load but without any content?

Is it a verified and used idea?


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Not verified and absolutely 100% unsupported. BUT if the system boots up and the folder is not there it will simply not start MIAB.

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