Installation of my own official ssl certificate gets an error

Installation went well. Then I bought a wildcard ssl certificate at namecheap and that went well. I attempted to tell mail-in-a-box about it via the instructions in this tutorial at Digital Ocean ( In following setp 7 to setup an official ssl cert I got this error when I click on the button in the mail-in-a -box dashboard to install cert:
"The certificate does not correspond to the private key at /home/user-data/ssl_private_key.pem

Any help would be appreciated

Ok, its sorted . The key thing for me here was that /home/user-data/ssl/ssl_private_key.pem had to be set to my new official private key and all the other files in that dir were rather immaterial. That was the thing that kept my new officially signed ssl key from agreeing. Once that was sorted and the crt and intermediate chain pasted into the dashboard under “Install Certificate” it worked! Hope that helps someone else.

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