Install Successful - Sending Mail...not so Much

I have completed the setup and everything is perfect - all system checks are correct - etc.

I can send myself an email and get it. If I send to another email address of mine I get nothing.
Is there a waiting period for everything to propagate or is there an issue?


Hi @booknerdcarp, Could you please be more specific with the emails.

  1. What is the other email account which you send from MIAB to it? Gmail, Outlook or Company email?
  2. Your MIAB domain name, is it new domain, how long you have this for?
  3. Did you check the Spam box yet?

Most likely, if your email account setup for a brand new domain name. Often, it lands to the Spambox.
My suggestion is this:

  • Go to this site:
  • Copy the email address which will give it to you randomly on the screen. something like this :
  • Back to your Thunderbird or RoundCube mail management and send an email to your test email.
  • Go back and check the score.
  • If you get 10/10 that is good news, if it not. Check where is your issue lands on.

Hope it helps.


Things seem to be going, just seems a little slow…is that normal?

As long you have the email reach your inbox. That should be OK.
From what I am experience with, the time it takes to deliver is different occasionally. Sometime I got email so fast, sometime it is a little bit longer. And depend on so many things such as SpamAssasin gate-way, server in the same region, your VPS hosting services, etc…

Now my only issue is it is going to spam in Thunderbird. Will it go to others in spam as well?

Often Gmail,, have setup a strict rule for filtering spam emails. It takes time to build up your email domain reputation. There are lots of techniques surrounding it. Just google and you will find tons of them.
My best tips is sending to the one have issue with spam box, mark it as not spam, reply to your MIAB email domain, do it more times. Might send a request to the email provider and explain why it lands on their spam box.
Last thing also very important: “CHECK YOUR BLACKLIST IP ADDRESS SERVER” at
Sometime I have to reinstall the whole MIAB server just because I been given a BLACKLISTED IP address from the VPS provider.
Hope it helps

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As Quang said, you should always check the IP against blacklists when you spin up a VPS to use for mail, before you go through the process of setting things up. If it shows on any of the lists, just destroy it and create a new one.

For some reason, I have also noticed that when we create servers on Digital Ocean (on non-blacklisted IPs), we seem to end up with a lot more stuff going into Gmail and Outlook spam than with a VPS on any of the other big cloud providers.

Where can I do an IP blacklist test?

There are hundreds of different sites, give one of these a try:

One particular person/client I work with I keep getting this -

This is the mail system at host (my domain) I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below. For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster. If you do so, please include this problem report. A URL in this email (my domain) is listed on Please resolve and retry (in reply to end of DATA command)

had to put my domain because of restriction number of links in a post

Certain large providers who think that they own the internet (I wont mention names) blacklist IP ranges belonging to Digital Ocean. This is an internal blacklist, not one you will find using MXToolbox or similar tools.

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